Williamstown Seagulls FIDA FC

The Williamstown Seagulls FIDA Football Club (WSFIDA) is part of the Victorian Integration Development Association Football League, governed by AFL Victoria. This local football team gives people with an intellectual disability the opportunity to compete in Aussie Rules Football at an appropriate level.

When stagshead first took on the project, the league was wearing old second hand uniforms, did not have good equipment and was very underfunded, with little to no sponsorship. Unlike most teams, the WSFIDA team was not fitted out with new team jerseys or any personalised water bottles & training bags and so the team needed help!


To build a Brand Identity for the team including designing and creating a website, team apparel and equipment, with the ability to sell online. To acquire ongoing sponsorship and organise fundraising events.

With experience across the entire supply chain, stagshead leader Dave organised the raw products; jerseys, water bottles and training bags, then created designs and organised the printing. Those finished designs could then be sold at the club or online.

Creative - Ideation and Website Wow

For the players, their footy team is a huge part of their lives. It’s a place for them to create friendships, learn life skills and to feel ‘just like everybody else’. Their values are integrity, loyalty and respect. Their motto – “GO LONG WITH THE WIND” – a footy term, expresses the support and loyalty they bring to each other.

To enhance that team unity, a style guide was created to help with designing and sourcing team memorabilia. The playing group received new personalised team jerseys, water bottles and training bags.

A website concept, design and development included player photos and an online shop with promotional products.

Events were established to encourage and support sponsorship and Club 500 was started to allow local businesses to contribute to the team and be part of the football community. Each member contributed $500 in sponsorship to the team, to become part of the club, which raised much needed funds.


The WSFIDA was a pro-bono project aimed to achieve several outcomes for the team while also developing their overall brand. This included, boosting their fundraising efforts, gaining local sponsorship, increasing media coverage and assisting via website development, providing personalised jerseys and branded equipment.

Because the volunteer club was small, in need of a simple solution, stagshead took on sourcing and importing goods, designing the look and feel, and delivering the finished goods, as well as providing an e-commerce gateway. WSFIDA became positioned to receive the entire supply chain solution from end to end via stagshead.


Community engagement with the club has increased and the club now has a sustainable and active sponsorship programme. The creation of a website provided a great resource for the club and players, as well as providing the ability to create revenue via the online shop. The players feel like they have ‘gone from good to great’ as they are on par with mainstream teams, with their new gear and the extra support. They have also become a part of the greater football community with a jersey launch game against Cranbourne, scheduled at Fearon Reserve, Williamstown, currently postponed due to Covid-19 restrictions.
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