The Williamstown Seagulls. The Williamstown Football Club was first formed around 1860, being one of the earliest clubs to help formulate and play Victorian rules football. We have an ongoing relationship with them that has seen us create a wide range of unusual products, which we love.

Approach - Outside the Box Thinking - Walls, lockers, and supporters

This business relationship came about after a referral from AFL Chairman of Victoria referred the club’s CEO to Stagshead Brand Architects.

The Williamstown Seagulls Club have a solid standing and long lineage in the AFL. Over time, Stagshead has developed a strong and successful relationship with them, providing unique merchandising needs as requested, continuing to keep their brand visible and prestigious.

With an already established brand identity, the club knows exactly what they want for their branding and merchandising needs.

Often they approach Stagshead to deliver unique marketing materials that sit outside our normal services, and we go out of our way to deliver what they need. Additional marketing projects with the club have included creating branded flags for supporters to wave, branding for player lockers and branded wallpaper for the clubrooms and gym.

Goal - Increased Reach and Visibility

To make their brand more visible, particularly to TV audiences, and to create functional branding and sponsorship material.

Creative - TV Visible Brand signage, Magnets and Off-field clothing

This project, to provide varying signage requirements for high brand visibility, was a fairly simple and streamlined process. Using existing sponsorship logos and artworks we were able to deliver quality marketing materials quickly, while adhering to sponsorship guidelines.

Additional marketing projects with the club have included team magnets, off-field clothing and merchandise.

Task - Sponsorship football signage, team merchandise

To create sponsor signage from aluminium panels to achieve high visibility on TV. To create corflute signage for football ground boundaries and for the Grandstand. To create functional branded merchandise to be used in training and around the grounds.

Result - Strong Brand = You Request, We Deliver

Williamstown Football Club are always happy with the high- standard and fast turn around of their marketing projects.

They know that if they need something small or something completely left of field, stagshead will go out of their way to source it and make it happen. As a business it’s always a streamlined process to work with the club and it’s exciting to collaborate with such a successful club.

Being a Williamstown business ourselves, we live here, we work with them and we are all part of the same community. It’s a pleasure to support our local area and work with clubs like the Williamstown Seagulls.

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