Brand Role

Define your brand to reflect your business
and attract the right customer.

What's included:

A review of the marketing assets being deployed across print, online and social media.

A localised review of competitors and a desktop review of brand best practices in the client vertical. We may find elements that create a USP for our client, such as putting a cafe in a laundromat, like we have suggested for Seagulls Laundrymat.

We find out where the branding is inconsistent, and can determine whether a business will benefit from an enhanced brand focus.

We discover the opportunity gap, identify issues and sometimes offer tasks with an order of priority. This is also an opportunity to balance effort and reward.

Brand Strategy

Develop a strategic and creative
direction to guide your brand.

What's included:

Define your brand to reflect your business
and attract the right customer.

We create 3 options then 2 revisions on the desired direction. We often tap into the unique nature of the business to give the client a ‘wow’ factor.

We ensure that all the touchpoints of the brand are completely consistent, so that the business has a strong authority in their marketplace.

Brand Refresh

Overhaul your brand to meet current
and future business objectives.

What's included:

Define your brand to reflect your business
and attract the right customer.

Develop a strategic and creative direction to guide your brand.

Market size and target audience are key to success. We use data analytics from leading market research providers to give the client insight into their preferred market. We research via customer experience, to gain valuable information that can transform the success of the business.

We build a brand story based on the language of the business. We use a number of strategic pillars around which to create a cohesive, consistent message for internal and external stakeholders.

Using the brand style guide, we ensure that all materials are brought up to standard across the business landscape.

Digital and print media, product and packaging, potential branches to the product line or business offerings are given clear guidelines that work for all mediums.

Go To Market

Services to help grow your brand and
accelerate your strategy.

Customise with:

We research the intended market, brainstorm on the brand name. To get the brand rights, we review URL availability and ABN registrations. We advise the company on the ABN and provide the URL options.

We develop websites, e-commerce, booking integrations and provide ongoing hosting and updates

We consult and provide a promotional plan and calendar to the client. We include advertising, sponsorship, community involvement and event planning for a comprehensive strategic approach.

We provide local and national SEO, digital copywriting, social posting services and other marketing needs as required.

We undertake a brand health study with internal clients and customers, to review the understanding of your brand in the market. This ensures that the brand pillars are being experienced as intended.

We design templates for business cards, letterhead, tenders, invoicing and any process or procedure that needs branding.

We design inhouse and print the material needed via our sister company Charti.

We have recommended relationships with video and photography experts.

We source and print retail and wholesale packaging through the entire supply chain process.

We have large format printers and can print anything required including fabric teardrop banners.

We source via our stagshead Asia office for many national businesses.

Where clients do not want to invest in their own website, we provide a high end home for their product lines at a competitive rate.

We are integral in assisting on large projects from cradle to grave. We can take a deep dive into a business then create a successfully competitive online brand.

We manage brand launches, product launches, internal and external conferences and manage the promotional calendar as needed.

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