seagulls laundromat stores 


We wanted to make seagulls laundromat socially intriguing by making the design fun, fresh and adventurous. To achieve this, we created membership opportunities and social media advertisements. 


Visual identity, branding, print design, web design

Seagulls Laundromat strategic goal is to create a memorable brand to impress consumers and let them know what to expect from the company. Using print advertising media to satisfy their wants for the business. It was important for us to understand their purpose and products in order to create a strong concept. 


The high-quality materials we sourced from high-end factories. To keep Seagull Laundromat qualities, the identity relies heavily upon vibrant, bold vector and colour palette. The brand colours are designed to be layered or stand alone, and last longer than just a season. The main tones are Navy, Aqua & Yellow. Grey is incorporated with icons to keep balance.
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