Seagulls Laundromat is a toxic-free dry cleaner. They are an
environmentally friendly, modern laundromat founded in Williamstown.
It is a new, fresh style of laundromat focussed on a complete service
model, rather than the old-style ‘do-it-yourself’ model.

They offer extra services you wouldn’t normally get at a standard laundromat, such as toxic-free dry cleaning, repairs and a pick-up and delivery service. Their focus is to go above and beyond, to exceed
customer expectations and to service the communities in which they

Creative - Bringing a bold Identity to life

For this business stagshead wanted a clean, fresh look that would become instantly recognisable to the local community.

We created a complete brand style guide to be used for marketing collateral, uniforms and even store paint colours. In keeping with the Seagulls Laundromat qualities, the identity relies heavily upon a vibrant, bold vector and colour palette. The brand colours are designed to be layered or stand alone and to be future proof, so that the brand won’t date quickly.

We went for traditional Williamstown colours of navy blue, aqua and yellow; and a bold Seagull logo to enhance that beachside element. Grey is incorporated with the icons to keep a sense of balance.

The clear, simple and strong iconography used with the Seagull logo helps to create a quick, intuitive brand recognition.

Approach - Starting from the ground up and beyond

As the owners were new to the industry, we needed to go back to the very foundations of who they are and what they wanted to stand for as a business; to really understand their purpose.

We did a full brand audit including competitor analysis, creating a brand style guide and developing their USP (Unique Selling Point), so they could find a gap in the market and grow the business.

We discovered a brand based on strong ethics of service and community as well as bringing a clean, toxic-free approach to laundromat services; getting rid of the harsh chemicals that most people associate with these services.

They also wanted a modern version of the typical laundromat that would create a complete service experience for their customers. Extra services such as free pick-up and drop off and a ‘wash and fold’ option were added. Tap and go card facilities were also added to the old coin payment system. They created membership opportunities and did a complete overhaul of their store to transform into a bright, fresh and eye catching shop front.

Brief - Full Branding design and marketing for a start up business

The new owners had acquired a very rundown business and needed us to create their brand and marketing material from the ground up. They wanted help to identify and find their brand and to carry that out to fruition, including all marketing collateral

Task - Brand, A-frames, flags, signs, brochures, websites and socials

For this project we created the brand and all marketing materials

This included everything from window signage, A-frames, banners, flags and wall signage to business cards and brochures

We also sourced high-quality materials from our stagshead Asia office to provide the personalised bags for members. Lastly we provided a vehicle wrap for their branded pick-up van.

Additional work outside of branding included the creation of a simple but scalable website and to establish the branding on social media channels for the business to maintain

Goal - A memorable brand that makes a difference to its communitys

Seagulls Laundromat’s strategic goal is to create a memorable brand to impress consumers and let them know what to expect from the company.We wanted to make Seagulls Laundromat socially intriguing by making the design fun, fresh and adventurous.

We wanted to find a niche for them so they weren’t ‘just another’ laundromat and to support their values of service and community involvement

Results - From Start-up to Scaling Success in 2 Years

In the 2 years since the business was established, Seagulls Laundromat have now opened a second store in Altona, and a third in Seddon with a cafe, and they now have extra vans due to increased demand.

Their business awareness in the local community has become very strong; their brand is clear, easy to recognise and visually striking. Seagulls Laundromat contribute to the local community through their high level of customer service and community involvement.

Seagulls Laundromat sponsors several community groups, including the Williamstown FID Aclub. Their sponsorship comes with a wash and dry service for the club jerseys plus they sell the club merchandise in their store.

Our latest work includes the Seagulls Laundromat website version 2 which is currently being upgraded to make it more interactive and they are including an app for their customers and an online booking system.

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