Your Global Sourcing Partner

We focus on providing quality branded merchandise and low cost buy in bulk products to our clients, on regular and one-off items.

stagshead Asia, our Shenzen office is our powerhouse of import export and procurement management to and from Australia. Having a trusted Australian sourcing agent into and out from the Chinese marketplace of 1.4 billion people, creates a genuine opportunity and solid savings for Australian businesses.


• Shipping arrangements
• Freight forwarders and logistics
• Factory Audits
• Product sourcing
• Quality inspections
• Compliance, Australian Standards
• Procurement
• Packaging


• Developing export strategies
• Market research
• Risk management
• Brand protection
• Managing sales
• Agents and distributors appointments
• Extensive international networks
• Online distribution hub for the market

Product sourcing by stagshead

The Power of an Excellent Procurement Strategy

Most businesses in Australia who buy MOQ (minimum order quantity) products that are either sold or used in their thousands throughout the year, are paying a very high price per item. With effective procurement management, the cost of those products can be dramatically lower through stagshead as the sourcing agent.
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