Infinity Natural Wellbeing

Infinity Natural Wellbeing is a positive calm, local retail store in alternative and well being products. They help clients access multiple spiritual therapists who offer readings, across modalities such as reiki, soul reading, tarot readings and so forth.

Brief - Creative and Website Development

Infinity Natural Wellbeing were looking for a refresh of their website. While they had a strong social media presence, their website was not aligning with their brand focus, of creating calming and uplifting experiences. They wanted their website to be a peaceful experience for their customers, while also giving customers the ability to shop online, via an e-commerce store. Their original website could not be adapted to meet their current needs, and the layout was not conducive to a great User Experience.

Task - Web Design, E-Commerce Structure and Development

We created a unique and beautiful website that encompassed the businesses values and functional
needs.The online shop increased access for customers and broadened the customer base of the business, even during the mandatory shut down of the physical store.

A new booking system, via email contact has been essential for the business. This allows the business
leaders and therapists to engage with the customer beforehand to discover their needs and provide the
best matching service. The new website also allows the business to update products, events and information, as they need to, using a simple WordPress system.

graphic design williamstown

Goal - E-Commerce and On Brand Visuals

The goal was to design an e-store to allow customers to browse and purchase products online and to allow the business to assess the interaction best suited to the client.

The site was launched in February 2020, just prior to the first shutdown due to COVID-19, which allowed the business to trade online while their doors were closed. This led to an initial rush of sales, then steady traffic, which would not have been possible prior to their new ecommerce store going live. The business is now on brand across social media and their website, and has experienced a lift in professionalism, functionality. The Infinity brand now lives their values of ‘in love and light’.

Creative - Ideation and Website Wow

We get to know our clients and their business, and we often find a special connection that we translate into their brand identity. We get to the essence of who they are and what they stand for – their why.

We discovered the owner of the store, Kelly had a spiritual connection to turtles. She had visited Hamilton Island and witnessed the magic of watching turtles in their natural habitat. She also loved that Turtles represent long life and good health.

This gave us the inspiration for the Infinity mascot ‘Hobart’ (after a turtle that we bought back from …you guessed it – Hobart – for them) and background video used throughout the website. We took that idea to develop their visual brand and the owners were wowed at the look and feel of the website.
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