Charti– Sister company of stagshead

This successful business specialises in Large Format Printers and Supplies. .
As a B2B wholesaler, Charti supplies large format printers and printing consumables to Officeworks, Snap Printing, Kwik Kopy and many other major brands. They also assist with large printer overrun printing for many professional printing companies.

Goal - Start-up High End Branding and Product Development

To create the complete branding and
marketing guidelines for a B2B start up,
specialising in the high-end area of the print
industry. To establish the Charti brand identity
as a professional, high-end and specialised
business so that it would quickly become
a strong player in the printing wholesaling

stagshead spearheaded the sourcing of the
consumables for Charti, adding a huge
number of skews to the Charti brand over the
first 12 months.

Task - Branding, Style Guide, Marketing, Website, Social Media, Packaging, Positioning

  • Develop the Brand, Style Guide and marketing strategies
  • Website development for an e-commerce store, design and implementation
  • Create a social media presence
  • Design and create all marketing materials including logos and packaging
  • Position the business for success

Approach - Start with Vision then
Create Immediate Authority

This project required us to set up the entire
marketing suite for the launch of a new startup.

To begin we needed to understand the com-
pany’s vision, what made them unique and
who their target market was.

Partly as a result of our work, Charti was an
authority in the industry from day one. Their
product knowledge and industry know-how
and experience was truly a cut above the rest
and the brand immediately positioned the
business for a large corporate, high end clien-

Creative - Over a Bottle of Wine

The idea for the business came to final fruition
over a bottle of Shiraz at a Greek restaurant.
stagshead Brand Architects and the Director of
Charti were exploring the opportunities for a
high end B2B printing business.

Leaning over to the waiter, they asked him the
Greek word for paper. ‘Charti’ he said, and
thus started the design process.

As a friendly, bright, innovative company, the
simple, natural colours of the Greek Islands
landscape and architecture were an immedi-
ate fit; bues, aquas and whites. These became
the colour palette for the business.

Marketing strategies and materials were
designed around the values of excellent cus-
tomer service, the best product assortment for
clients and high-end quality.

stagshead Brand Architects Director Dave
Oakley believed so much in this innovative
and speacilised business that he became a

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